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Ellen Bang Birge

Ellen Bang-Birge - my wife, mother of our son, and our best friend of 25 years passed away Fri. morn. December 2nd, 2011, with the sun shining on her face. She had just completed a 10 day trip which Included an opening in Oslo, Norway at Galleri Ramsfjord, a visit to John of God in Allerud, Germany, the Basic Training Graduation of our son, Erik, in South Carolina, and coming home to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of our sons, Erik, Lucas, and Quist, on Martha's Vineyard.

Ellen wanted to die with the comfort of all of her children around her. Ellen and I spent nearly every day of our 25 years together by choice. We were each other's best friend. She told me that she wanted to have the children here to comfort me at her passing. She was thinking of my comfort at her end. I feel blessed to have had her in my life for so long. She loved all of her friends, all of you, dearly. You could see and feel that in each person she communicated with. Ellen saw and brought out the highest good in people. Her optimism was infectious. She wished the best for all of her friends. I will always have her in my heart, as I am sure you will to. Thank You, Ellen

508.696.9273 or email: ellenbang54@gmail.com

Ellen Bang’s sculptures are crafted from unconventional materials, like wood, steel, wire, fiberglass, concrete, stone and plexiglass. The choice of materials in each piece plays a part in the message conveyed. The artist often works in series, with a number of sculptures relating to a theme developing over a period of time. Drawing and paintings sometimes complement the sculptures. Often the art-pieces are presented as an Installation, enabling a dialogue between the individual sculptures, and with the viewers, as they move between them. Sometimes more senses than just sight are playing a vital part in the viewer’s experience of Ellen Bang’s Installations. The artist takes into her consideration how size, shape, space and touch can influence us in ways we do not always acknowledge immediately.
We hope that this website can help you get a feel for the work we are presenting, although on a two dimensional screen. We will be happy to hear from you.
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“ An artist has an obligation to relate messages of inner importance. Sometimes that message can be as simple as showing how a stroke of sun hits an apple. Other times
There can be many stories, studies and calculations that lead to a statement of importance. If the work in the end relates a curiousness and non-judgmental search for a truth, then the essence of the message is often revealed to the viewer, and we may experience great art.“